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Write the vision, make it plain (1)Write the vision and make it plain is about moving forward against all odds.

Write the vision, make it plain explores what you believe your life purpose is. I believe everyone has a purpose. Do you know what your purpose is? Sometimes we may not know what our purpose is but we have a passion to help orphans in a different country or provide assistance to people in need. The key to learning about your purpose and becoming the person you desire to be is to write down your vision, create a plan and work towards achieving all that you envision.

Remain Steadfast

Once you have written down your vision you must remain steadfast to follow through and execute your plan. Sometimes it may look like what you are working towards will never materialize but when you stay committed to your vision, your vision will stay committed to you.

Write the vision, make it plain (2)Total Wellness is about overall wellness within your mind, body, and spirit.

While you are working towards your purpose it is important to stay focused on your overall health. Total Wellness includes Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness. Did you know there are eight wonders to wellness? Following these eight wonders, eating healthy, (Nutrition), daily walking or working out (Exercise), drinking lots of (Water), getting plenty of (Sunshine), having a balance and maintaining (Temperance), daily breathing in fresh (Air), taking time to (Rest) your mind, your body and to gaze upon the beautiful orchids and nature in and around your life and learning to (Trust) in what your eye has not seen, what your ear has not heard, and what your human mind has not yet conceived of the wonderful things the Power that is Greater than you can ever imagine has prepared for those who love and believe in the Creator and Wellness Truth!

Write the vision, make it plain (3)A financial makeover is about changing the way you think about money.

Discussing your finances is never easy because many people developed an unhealthy relationship with money, but you don’t have to fear money. A financial makeover is about changing your mindset about how you deal and handle money and building an overall healthy relationship with your finances and becoming financially free so that you can utilize your medium of exchange for your greater purpose.


When you are building a business, 24 hours in one day never seems enough. It’s easy to spend countless hours working and growing your business but make sure that you are utilizing your time wisely and not getting caught up with busy work that takes you away from your purpose.


In our fast pace social media driven environment many times people don’t take the opportunity to network and genuinely build relationships. Networking is a great opportunity to learn about what others are contributing to our society. Take the time to disconnect from your social media accounts and actually sit down and meet with people you have been communicating with or would like to meet. Take the time to cultivate and build genuine relationships and think about how you can be a blessing to someone else.

Write the vision, make it plain (4)Brand Management is all about creating, building, and maintaining a brand you believe in.

It takes time to create and build a successful brand that you believe in. When creating and building your brand stay true to who you are.


There are many ways to communicate a message. Communication can be verbal, nonverbal, or symbolic. No matter which form you use to communicate learn how to communicate a clear message for your brand.

SCG Multimedia is here to encourage your personal, business, and professional development through consulting and executive life coaching.

SCG Multimedia helps business leaders, entrepreneurs, and extraordinary people find their purpose so they can achieve more fulfillment, meaning, and impact in their personal and professional lives.

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